Mysticism of Ordinary Life

Today in class, we talked about different types of mysticism. One of the types that stuck out most to me was mysticism of ordinary life. Something about that connected with me and compelled me to share this story.

One day early this year, I was walking across campus to the bookstore. I don’t remember why. I had a dozen different problems floating around in my head, and I was completely overwhelmed trying to solve each one. I had just crossed the bridge over Harkrider and was walking underneath some trees on the way. There was no one around; it was almost totally silent. All of a sudden, the wind changed directions and hit me just the right way. I stopped. In that moment, everything changed. My problems melted away. I felt this energy that I couldn’t explain. It was like God had whisked all my anxiety away and left His peace in its place. It was like He was telling me, “Everything will be OK.” I probably stood there for 30 seconds, enjoying that feeling as long as I could. I can’t explain it. But never before and never since have I felt so alive. I praise the God who can use the most mundane of circumstances to reveal Himself and heal our brokenness.