My Super-Busy Weekend

Hi, friends! I know I haven’t been posting enough on here. I’m sorry. Since school started, things have been crazy. I’m working on a new vlog that I will hopefully have uploaded by the end of the week, and I promise to keep my site updated as much as possible. Now I’m going to tell you about my weekend.

This weekend was insanely busy. You know how usually college students stress all week and then use the weekend to cool down? Well, that didn’t work out for me this week. On my way home Friday afternoon, I drove through a terrible storm that wreaked havoc on my town. When I got home, we had no power. So much for cooking a frozen pizza and watching Netflix all night. Instead, I went out to eat with my family, and by the time I got home, the power was back on. But by then, it was late. So I watched a little TV and went to sleep.

Saturday was supposed to be an all-day Three Minutes to Midnight shoot, but that didn’t quite work out. Schedule conflicts arose, so we decided to start later in the day. I spent the morning with my family and then headed to the warehouse to film a few scenes. I packed several costumes but ended up spending the entire time behind the camera, which I’m more comfortable with anyway. We only filmed for a few hours because of more scheduling conflicts. Making a movie isn’t easy.┬áThen, I went to Kevin’s to plan future shoots and headed back to Greenwood to watch the Razorback game with Clayton and his family, which was a huge disappointment to say the least.

Sunday morning, I had the honor of worshipping God at my home church. Going to Cavanaugh is seriously one of my favorite things. I love the people, the music, the preaching. It’s all amazing. After church, I had lunch at home with my family. Then I immediately went back to the warehouse to film for TMTM. We spent the afternoon outside in the heat wearing suits. It wasn’t as hot as I thought it would be, though, and we filmed a really important scene. It turned out great. After filming, Kevin and I went to a youth worker meeting at church (wearing our suits, of course), and then I went to Merge Bible study. Some friends and I went to Cheddar’s after Sunday School, and then I headed back to school. After answering literally over 20 emails, I’m now blogging before bed.

Needless to say, it’s been a long, busy weekend. But it was fun, and I love being home. I can’t wait to finish TMTM and show it off to my family and friends. It’s stressful sometimes, but it’s worth it. I can’t wait to see what this week holds for me. I’ll keep you guys posted. Thanks for reading. I’ll see you on the Internet!