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When I was in high school, I had a Bible that fit into my back pocket, and I carried it with me everywhere. It was one of my most prized possessions. No matter where I went, I had instant access to God’s word, so if I had a free minute, I could do my Bible reading. It was great, and it served as a good conversation-starter when I met someone. I was “the Bible guy.”

Now, my pocket Bible sits on the shelf. I’m afraid that it’s on the verge of falling apart. But I still carry the Bible with me everywhere I go. In fact, I carry hundreds of different versions of the Bible in my pocket everyday thanks to the Bible app by YouVersion.

The Bible app is hands-down the best way to read God’s word on the go. They offer the Bible for free in tons of different languages and translations on a beautiful app created for just about every platform. It’s available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, and more. Not to mention their newly-revamped website. The goal of YouVersion is to make God’s word available to everyone all the time, and they’re taking great steps in that direction.

We all know the importance of reading the Bible everyday. It’s an integral part of spiritual growth. And the Bible app makes it easy to get into the habit of digging into God’s word on a daily basis. They offer a variety of reading plans designed to help you read the Bible everyday, and many of them offer devotionals to go along with the scripture readings. Whether you want to read the whole Bible in a year or study about a specific topic, the Bible app has a plan for you.

And they have tools to help you stay on track. You can set a reminder to pop up daily at a certain time to remind you to read. If you get a few days behind, YouVersion will send you a kind email encouraging you get back on track and even showing you how to adjust your plan so you won’t stay behind. I use the Bible app for my daily Bible reading, and I am extremely pleased with it. I’ve read every day for the past two and a half years thanks to the Bible app. If you’ve been making excuses about reading the Bible, give the app a try. It will help you turn daily Bible readings into a habit in no time.

The Bible app also tries to help your spiritual growth by offering special content based on the time of year. Easter is this week, so a lot of people have been taking advantage of the Bible app’s Holy Week plans to prepare for the big day. They also put out special plans during Christmas time and at the beginning of the year to help you start out on the right foot. They are constantly updating with new, relevant content to help you on your spiritual walk.

Another cool feature about the Bible app is the number of translations available. If I’m reading a verse that I don’t totally understand or want to get a different perspective on, I can quickly switch to a different translation and compare them. This has helped me in my personal Bible study, but it’s also helpful in group studies where different people can read different translations and discuss the discrepancies between them. The Bible offers 809 versions in 528 different languages, including most of the popular English translations and the original Hebrew and Greek.

There are other great tools on the app, too. There’s no way I could get into all of them in one blog post. They post a daily verse of the day for contemplation and encouragement. They offer video content to go along with The Bible miniseries and the Son of God movie. You can bookmark verses, write notes about them, and share them with friends via social media. You can select a verse and read other people’s notes about them to see what people around the world have to say about any certain verse. And with the new Bible App 5 update, you can add friends within the app, see what verse they are sharing, and have conversations with each other within the app. I haven’t had a chance to try this feature out for myself, but it has potential. A social network based on the Bible. Imagine that!

The Bible app from YouVersion is a must-have for any 21st-century Christian or anyone who is just interested in learning about the Bible. The app makes the Bible readily available for free to anyone anywhere with an Internet connection. That is so amazing to me. The app helps support personal spiritual growth and connection with other people of faith. What a meaningful way to use technology. Check out the Bible app’s website and download the app for your device. Happy reading!