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If you’re plugged into the YouTube community in any way, you’ve probably heard of The Fine Bros. Benny and Rafi Fine are two brothers who create tons of regular, high-quality content for their YouTube channel, TheFineBros. They’re responsible for their hilarious Spoilers series, the first transmedia sitcom MyMusic, Last Moments of Relationships, and more. Today, I want to feature the first Fine Bros series I ever came across and their claim to fame, the React series.

There are actually multiple React series now. It all started with a series of videos called Kids React where the Fine brothers would show popular YouTube videos to children and record their reactions. The series found huge success and has now spun off into four different series: Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, and YouTubers React. Each series releases a new episode every two weeks, with Kids React and Teens React alternating on Sundays and Elders React and YouTubers React alternating on Thursdays. All of these videos are up to view on the Fine Bros YouTube channel.

Like I said before, the first Fine Bros video I ever saw was a Kids React video. I’m not exactly sure which one it was, but I remember that I appreciated its humor and honesty. The Fine Bros don’t coach or censor the people they interview. They simply show them something they find noteworthy and record their reactions. The result is hilarious, real, and sometimes touching, and it brings people back week after week.

The subject matter of the videos has begun to vary with time. Originally, the Fine Bros just showed popular YouTube videos like Nyan Cat and recorded reactions. Now, they show movie trailers, popular web trends like The Harlem Shake, major news stories, and more. There are a couple episodes of Kids React where kids are shown old technology and asked their thoughts on it. Every once in a while, the Fine Bros make a React video concerning an important modern issue to expose their viewers to different views on them, and those videos are their most popular.

It’s also cool to see the same interviewees week after week. Some of the original Kids React cast members have grown up and been promoted to Teens React. One even moved up to YouTubers React! You only get brief glimpses into these people’s lives, but it’s fun to see what they think about different things and to decide whether you agree or disagree with them. It’s a really great concept, and the Fine Bros have found huge success with it.

The React Series is actually expanding off of YouTube. The Fine Bros will continue with their usual React schedule online, but they will also be creating a new TV show for Nickelodeon called React to That. It will be similar to Kids React, but it will have some new twists thrown in. I’m excited to see the Fine Bros get some well-deserved mainstream recognition online and elsewhere, and I’m looking forward to see how the new show turns out.

The Fine Bros have been making React videos for a long time, and there are a ton to check out on YouTube. Give them a look and let me know what you think of them. Come back next week for my review of The Fault in Our Stars!