Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion dropped today. I’ve been waiting for this day ever since Apple announced Mountain Lion back in February. At one point, I even considered paying the $99 fee to become a Mac developer just so I could try out the new software.

But I didn’t. I waited patiently. And it was so worth the wait. I’m not going to post an in-depth review. There are plenty of those on the Internet, my favorite being Cult of Mac’s lengthy yet very useful review. But I will say this: You should download OS X Mountain Lion. It’s so worth the $19.99 Apple is charging for it. It’s smoother, it has new features, and it’s more familiar to iOS users, a group becoming larger and larger every day.

With OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has continued to blur the distinction between OS X (notice that it is not called “Mac OS X” anymore) and iOS. I think this is awesome. As iPhones and iPads become more and more powerful, they’re becoming more and more like full-fledged computers. But that doesn’t mean that computers can’t learn a thing or two from the iPhone and iPad. Mountain Lion is the perfect example of that. It integrates all the amazing things we’ve always loved about the Mac along with some new stuff Apple has learned from the iPad and iPhone. It just works. And I am very pleased with my purchase. It was well worth the wait.