Fall 2012 Classes

So the first week of classes is almost over. I’ve been to each of my classes at least once, and I just wanted to write a post about each class and how I’m feeling about this school year.

My first class this semester was Screenwriting. This class is pretty different from my other three for a few reasons. First of all, I am taking this class 100% for fun. It doesn’t fulfill any requirements I haven’t already filled, and it has nothing to do with either of my majors. I don’t even need the course credit to graduate. It’s a true elective, and that makes the class a little more fun. It also takes the pressure off so I can focus more on learning and less on my letter grade. Also, this class has a strange schedule. On Thursdays, it’s just like any regular class, but on Tuesdays, it’s three hours long. This time is set aside for movie screenings. In case you don’t know me that well, I love watching and discussing movies, so the fact that I am in a class that sets aside actual class time each week to watch and analyze movies is just amazing to me. I love it. On top of that, my only assignment in the class is to write a full-length screenplay. So this class is the perfect elective for me. I get to watch movies and write a movie in a fun, pressure-free zone. And the professor is really cool. Screenwriting will probably be my favorite class I take this semester.

Another class I’m taking this semester is Cognitive Neuroscience. I’m mainly taking this class because it fulfills a requirement for my Psychology major, but I think it will be interesting. I’ve always been interested in how the brain and the mind interact, so it should be fun to explore how the brain works and how the brain’s functions turn into our knowledge and consciousness.

I’m very excited about the Childhood and Adolescence class I’m taking this semester. I love kids, and I love working with kids. I think this class will help me better understand how children develop, and I hope I can apply that knowledge to how I interact with and teach children. I think this will come in handy in my personal life and as a pastor.

The final class I’m taking this semester is Theories and Research. It’s a Religious Studies course designed to prepare students to write their theses, the very long final paper each Religious Studies student must write before he or she can graduate from Hendrix. I can’t say I would be taking this class if it wasn’t required for me to graduate, but now that I’ve been to the first class and know what it’s about, I’m kind of excited. I love learning about Religious Studies, and this class will teach me different ways of approaching the subject. It will also give me a glimpse of what writing my thesis will be like, and that is something I can’t wait for.

I am very excited about this semester. I’ve got a great lineup of classes, and I can’t wait to get started and learn as much as I can. I’m sure this semester won’t be easy, and I might get bogged down and complain, but I am very blessed to be getting this education and to be taking classes that I care about. I love college, and I’m very eager to get into the groove of this semester.

I hope all of you are enjoying your classes as much as I am. If you’re not in school, I hope you’re enjoying work or whatever else it is you do. Thank you for reading, and I’m sure I’ll keep you posted on how my classes go throughout the semester. See you on the Internet!