BackSpace Productions

As many of you may know, I recently shut down my old production company, the Djilas Project. I posted the farewell video a few days ago. It is hard for me to say goodbye to something that has been a huge part of my life for nearly four years, but it is time to move on to bigger and better things.

And that is why it is with great pleasure that I announce I have joined BackSpace Productions. I have worked with Kevin, Rickey, and Taylor on various video projects, and I am glad to finally be an official part of this awesome group. We are currently working on a full-length movie to be released in December 2012, but we will definitely be releasing some shorter videos in the coming year, too.

Thank you all so much for your support. I hope you will continue to support me and BackSpace Productions as we do our best to offer you high-quality entertainment and to have fun along the way. Film-making is my passion, and I count it a great blessing to be able to share my passion with you.

Check out BackSpace Productions on our website and Facebook page, and watch out for more videos coming your way in 2012!